The widest choice of sturgeon salmon and other fish caviar’s.

With us you will always find caviar at a reasonable price for you without losing its quality. This is achieved by the presence of a huge number of suppliers from different regions of the world and wholesale purchases from them. Caviar is represented in banks from 50 g to 1 kg. Freshness is guaranteed by the high standards of storage, which can boast only a large supermarket.

Red caviar is also represented in a huge range of the types and packaging types. Eggs of all types of salmon found on our counter. Our staff will always help you with a choice, prompting what type of eggs fit your desires.

Caviar – is the gold of modern gastronomy. It carries image of wealth and luxury, rare delicacy and is one of the most famous Russian brands. The most delicate and most wanted caviar is considered to be beluga caviar which is silver-grey in color, with large grains and exquisite taste. It is easy to spot such caviar – cans bear dark blue lids. Second place is occupied by sturgeon caviar: dark bronze color, smaller grains and light aroma. Cans – with yellow lids. Third place of caviar hit parade is taken by starry sturgeon: grains are tiny, firm, really black and have specific aroma and taste. Cans are closed with red lids.
Red caviar comes from salmon. Human body absorbs red caviar so easy and effortlessly that it is often prescribed to sick and weakened people as a recreational diet. That’s why red caviar was always valued and respected in folk medicine – there were no drugs and multivitamins in the past.