You will find a wide selection of canned and pickled vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, sauerkraut, salads and so on. The tradition of all the Eastern European countries are combined on our shelves. Canned fish such as ours you will not find anywhere else. All the famous sprats and canned saury to salmon and sturgeon.

Of course, the stew of almost all varieties of meat side by side with a variety of pates. Seeds, sunflower and pumpkin, roasted and salted, unsalted and cleaned. Having got to us, you can not stop in the selection process. Dozens of brands, sizes and preparation methods. And the most affordable in Sacramento prices.

More than a hundred varieties of tea and coffee bags and without, in souvenir packs and in packs for large families. And what tea without drying or cookies? The widest selection of crackers, wafers, wafer cakes, biscuits and cakes. Honey, we are always dozens of species of honey from all over the world, with different colors, in gift and conventional packages.

What kind of breakfast without cereal and a table without rice! The largest selection of cereals and cereal, and the usual fast food for infants and adults, flour and baking kits. All you’ll find here. Jam, fruit juices, mineral water and soft drinks, sauces, pasta, jelly, and more! It’s not listed on the same page.

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