Winter Beverages

Winter Beverages

Food and beverages are undeniably a center point for what we pin our daily lives around. Whether we’re talking about your daily commute to work, or a catch up with a friend, more often than not it’s going to include grabbing a bite to eat or a drink. As winter draws in the comforting warmth of food and beverages is a godsend. Who needs an excuse to stop for a warm beverage? Not us! We’ve been tasting some potential new favorite warmers and narrowed it down to our top four. Try them out and find a new favorite winter drink this year.

Chai Tea

Masala chai

Although Chai Tea is a still relatively new obsession over here in America, it’s been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. The unique combination of spices, with warmed milk and black tea, bring a sense of happiness and is said to be of great benefit to the body.

You Will Need:

Serves 1

½ Cup Water

½ Cup Whole Milk

1 Tsp Loose Black Tea heaped

2 Tsp Sugar

1 Clove, whole

1 Cardamom Pod

½ Cinnamon stick

½ Tsp Fresh Ginger

Add water to saucepan and place over a medium heat.
In a mortar and pestle press the fresh ginger and cardamon pod and add to the water along with the clove and cinnamon.
Add the loose tea and bring to the boil.
When the water is bubbling add the milk and stir in the sugar. Bring to the boil again.
Once the water is bubbling wait a few more minutes to let the flavors meet and then strain into a cup.


This traditional Russian beverage is rich in flavor and sometimes sold with an alcoholic twist. Before the rise in popularity of tea and coffee in Russia, Sbiten was the go to morning starter. Not only is it delicious but also a great if you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake. There are many versions around but try out this basic Sbiten then get creative by experimenting with your favorite herbs and spices.

You Will Need:

Serves 1

1 ¼ Cups Water

1 oz Honey

1 oz Molasses

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Clove

1 tsp Raspberry Leaves

Pour water into a saucepan and place over a medium heat.
Bring to the boil then add honey and molasses. Stir until melted.
Add the herbs and allow the mixture to simmer for approximately 10 minutes.
Drink hot!

Chilli Hot Chocolate

Everybody loves a hot chocolate but no ordinary chocolate could make it onto our winter warmer list. Chilli and chocolate are a delectable pairing so it’s no surprise that bringing them together in drinking form is heaven.

You Will Need:

Serves 1

2 Tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 Tsp Malted Milk Powder

1 Cup Whole Milk

Pinch of Chilli Powder

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Sugar ( to taste)

Sift together dry ingredients- cocoa, malted milk powder, chili and cayenne powder. Feel free to add a little extra chili if you’re a big spice fan.
Add sugar according to your liking, confectioner’s sugar works well in hot chocolate mixes. Set bowl to one side.
Slowly heat one cup of milk in a saucepan and pour into a mug.
Add dry mixture to the milk and stir to combine. Top with cream and a touch of cayenne pepper for garnish if desired.

Pharisäer Kaffee

It’s estimated that 400 million cups of coffee are drunk every day in America, that’s a lot of coffee! It’s time to try this German coffee delight. Strictly for adults, the beverage is a rich and creamy drink that pairs coffee together with some equally warming rum. This drink isn’t intended to be stirred but rather enjoyed as is. Traditionally you could be forced to by all your friends the next round of drinks if caught stirring together the layers!

You Will Need:

Serves 1

3 oz Strong Coffee

1 ½ oz Dark Rum

Sugar Cubes (to taste)

Whipped Cream

Cocoa Powder

Brew your favorite blend of coffee, a strong one is best!
Pour into a tall glass and dissolve sugar cubes in coffee according to your own liking.
Add 1 ½ oz of dark rum.
Top with a generous helping of whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.

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